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Check out our very special collection of swimwear, swimsuits, bathing suits, bikinis and tankinis for the splashing summer of 2014.

Cheeky South Beach Camo
  • Cheeky South Beach Camo
  • $56.00 $49.00
  • This collection is especially for those sexy ladies who want to look sexy on every occasion. Select a sexy bikini of your choice and spread that much needed chill...

Black and White Banded
  • Black and White Banded
  • $100.00 $96.00
  • Specially designed for those who love the beaches not for relaxing but for the fun filled activities they offer. Buy a beach bikini and ignite fire on the beach shor...

Moroccan Braided
  • Moroccan Braided
  • $120.00 $106.00
  • Know what! If you think you have a body that can keep men glued and even give your peers a blush then add one of our latest fashion swimwear designed by...

Polynesian G-String
  • Polynesian G-String
  • $85.00 $72.00
  • Can you dare to Bare? If yes then this collection of sexy G-Strings & Thongs is especially for you, get the smallest of bikinis ever and show all that you have...

How to buy a bikini!

Here are a few important points to be considered before you slide in your credit card and buy a bikini or buy swimsuit online this summer-

  • Consider the amount of money you can spend on a swimsuit. Trust the brands that create a bit costly bikinis just because they consider the complexity of a feminine structure. The branded pieces are cut to your frame. On the other hand cheap bikinis might cost less but may not compliment your figure that well.
  • Your body type as a woman. If you do not have that hour glass figure then look for bikinis or sexy swim that can hide your figure flaws and accentuate your best features.
  • What you want to do at the beach. Are you interested in sport activities or just basking in the sun and tanning your skin for that bronze glow? If you intend to play water sports, or other athletic activities, then micro or string bikinis may put you into embarrassment. In that case bra top styles will be able to neutralize the effect of jagged movements of your body. You may opt for skimpier styles for tanning purposes of course.

So embark on to the beach and create a buzz…its time to jig into the cold water in a hot bikini this swim season.